UAB “Diesel Service Group” is capable to perform grinding, machining and honing works such as:

  • Grinding of spindles;
  • Machining of valve seats (from ø50 mm up to ø230 mm);
  • Grinding cylinder head, gas sealing surface (from ø200 mm up to ø650 mm);
    Cylinder liner:
  • Grinding of cylinder liner, gas sealing surface;
  • Grinding of cylinder liner under-up, landing surface against cylinder-block;
  • Honing of cylinder liners;
  • Grinding of cylinder-block, landing surface for cylinder liner (from ø200 mm up to ø650 mm); 
  • Machining of cylinder-block, contact surface for water-jacket Pielstick PC 2.5;
  • Frame (crankcase): o In-line boring of crankshaft bearing seat (from ø62 mm up to ø600 mm).

For all grinding, machining and honing works we are using portable “Chris-Marine” machines and equipment